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NMGBC: National Medical and General Biology Competition

What is NMGBC?

National Medical and General Biology Competition (NMGBC) is the biggest annual event held by Asian Medical Students’ Association Universitas Indonesia (AMSA-UI). NMGBC is a scientific competition based on medical and general biology held for all high school students across Indonesia.

This Year’s Theme

Every year NMGBC comes up with different themes and topics, and last year’s theme was the Gastrointestinal system. As for this year’s NMGBC, we’ve decided to go with the Special Senses as our theme, as it has never been done before.

We’ve noticed that these days, society tends to focus more on other issues and diseases such as cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, and others. Issues about our human special senses such as people living with cataract, blindness, and deafness are somehow neglected even though it’s included as one of the diseases with a hight number of prevalence especially in Indonesia.

Other than that, people suffering from sensory disorders and disabilities have lots of limitations throughout their life as it’s congenital. Blindness for example, Indonesia has a large population of blind people. According to the Bureau Statistics Agency, around 8.5% of the country’s total of 240 million people suffering from blindness, making Indonesia the second highest rate of blindness in the world.

Based on those concerns, in hoping to increase their knowledge and awareness to the community related to our human special senses system and disability, we’ve deciced to come up with this topic as the theme of NMGBC 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join and register NMGBC!

Find out more:
Instagram: NMGBC 2020 (@nmgbc_2020 – https://www.instagram.com/nmgbc_2020/)
Website: https://www.nmgbcfkui.com/

Contact Person:
Valen – valenciahadinata (line)/081314455555
Regine – reginebudiman (line)/082257670012

More events: https://blog.edufia.net/events/

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